19. Mariano Preciado. Things I love: Raw food, Kombucha, bass, Jonsi, Music, Yoyos, hair products, running, CHIPS, analyzing things to the extreme. Oh and Cats ^.^ Oh and of course my lovely girlfriend Danelia :)


Meet henry the confused calf who thinks he’s a puppy

Henry now sleeps is a stable next to the house and each morning sticks his head through the kitchen window steal toast from the toaster.

Henry, who wears a pink collar, has developed a noise the children describe as a choo-moo - as if he is trying to bark, just like the dogs

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teachers who assign homework over the weekend 


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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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when you peel a sticker off something and it does the thing


the thing

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truebluemeandyouHow to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions. Reblogging one of my most popular posts with clearer images. Go to the link for the highest resolution.

How to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions from The Undercover Recruiter here. Posted for friends looking for jobs this summer. Unfortunately you may also be asked illegal questions and these are two pretty good articles here and here.

Perfect timing is perfect.

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My thoughts before anything:maybe if i wasn't ugly
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